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Denis Barbier e6a8617a9a Update tasks/po/fr.po and po/fr.po 19 years ago
Joey Hess 8721c591bb * Patch from Denis Barbier adds infrastructure for translated task names 20 years ago
Randolph Chung abdb50bf8f *** empty log message *** 21 years ago
gsacco cf108b18d3 Added italian translation it.po and italian language in Makefile 21 years ago
Marcin Owsiany 229fd0e03f updated 21 years ago
Marcin Owsiany bfe8d57fb4 updated Polish translation 21 years ago
Marcin Owsiany bea7621282 updated, changed my email to @debian.org 22 years ago
polish 94604dfc85 update 23 years ago
polish bcf24e1f09 first version 23 years ago