1939 Commits (f35c74a1a4d19ddc8786a367fb7d33faa0be7204)

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  Sunjae Park 38287caa65 Korean tasks translation update 14 years ago
  Felipe Augusto van de Wiel 4bfd06a218 [l10n] pt_BR: Update Brazilian Portuguese tasks translation. Closes: #417242 14 years ago
  Felipe Augusto van de Wiel 787c298c3a [l10n] pt_BR: major cleanup and update 14 years ago
  Christian Perrier 56912bf813 Add missing changelog entries. Translators updated their files but forgot 14 years ago
  Christian Perrier 4d26640d30 Add changelog entries for Marathi translations 14 years ago
  Christian Perrier 2db201f780 Correct header 14 years ago
  Christian Perrier c9fd939eaa Correct header 14 years ago
  Christian Perrier 246561993d Use a valid address for Last-Translator 14 years ago
  Christian Perrier c15976f324 Correct announced encoding 14 years ago
  Tetralet ef1c043a18 Updated Traditional Chinese (zh_TW) translation 14 years ago
  Priti Patil 1c00546bad Marathi translation update 14 years ago
  Priti Patil 6c300565e2 Marathi translation update 14 years ago
  Priti Patil 2adb8a55bb Marathi translation update 14 years ago
  Priti Patil 2969d6e341 Marathi translation update 14 years ago
  Priti Patil 1450a4494e Marathi translation update 14 years ago
  Praveen A 2b71f29ad4 Revised and conflict resolved 14 years ago
  Eddy Petrisor 20b3389c58 updatated tasks's translation and some fixes 14 years ago
  Miguel Figueiredo 45dd947134 2f fixed 14 years ago
  Bjørn Steensrud b1ad4f2078 Malayalam lines fixed and unfuzzied 14 years ago
  Eric Pareja a8ccbbd6b7 [l10n] Updated Tagalog translation file for tasks 14 years ago
  Jacobo Tarrio eee9bf3eb8 Updated Galician translation of tasks 14 years ago
  Damyan Ivanov 4d863df86a Added Bulgarian translation for the Malayalam task 14 years ago
  Kęstutis Biliūnas 30b4780777 [l10n] Updated Lithuanian translation of tasks 14 years ago
  Bart Cornelis fbb400c641 Updated Dutch translation 14 years ago
  Daniel Nylander 02797fcc85 Swedish updated 14 years ago
  Theppitak Karoonboonyanan 03c327abee * tasks/po/th.po: updated Thai translation for tasks. 14 years ago
  Kenshi Muto 8e483c987b updated Japanese translation 14 years ago
  Miroslav Kure 1391d876d1 [l10n] Updated Czech translation 14 years ago
  Christian Perrier 98f4658d91 Update French translation 14 years ago
  Christian Perrier c66bdaefbf Correct the Malayalam task title. Malayalam!=French 14 years ago
  Christian Perrier 09a67372c2 Update POT and PO files 14 years ago
  Christian Perrier eb8a28d5c4 Add a Malayalam desktop task 14 years ago
  Joey Hess b00988a509 * Remove ttf-arphic-bkai00mp from chinese-t-desktop, apparently it prevents 14 years ago
  Joey Hess 585c8a6249 * Remove gcin from chinese-t-desktop as it currently does not work well 14 years ago
  René Rebe 07f992d087 remove openoffice.org-l10n-ar from arabic-desktop; add openoffice.org-{l10n,help}-gl to galician-desktop 14 years ago
  Joey Hess 4ab99934fa * Move foomatic-gui from desktop to gnome-desktop and xfce-desktop. It's not 14 years ago
  Tapio Lehtonen 6044eeee33 Removed not very good spellcheckers, replaced them with Voikko 14 years ago
  Christian Perrier 57f9cafbc3 Esperanto translation updates 14 years ago
  Joey Hess f2c822be4a typo 14 years ago
  Miroslav Kure 3220e18810 [l10n] Fixed few typos in Czech tasks translation 14 years ago
  Theppitak Karoonboonyanan b6b4b3c4ff - Fix minor typo in Thai tasks translation. 14 years ago
  Lior Kaplan 2b032a0b83 Fix an ugly typo 14 years ago
  Joey Hess cda7c38d2a releasing version 2.66 14 years ago
  Joey Hess 93c6eaa68a * The iceweasel transition is complete, remove all firefox stuff from tasks. 14 years ago
  Joey Hess f6dddfa64a releasing version 2.65 14 years ago
  Joey Hess f7e0596d51 * Switch xfce-desktop to use gdm, as xdm is currently not installable from 14 years ago
  Joey Hess 235304dd99 releasing version 2.64 14 years ago
  Joey Hess 2e412a80a5 * Force epiphany into the gnome-desktop. It might not be pulled in via a 14 years ago
  Joey Hess d57fe95a52 * Correct a bug that caused hidden enhancing tasks to be marked for install 14 years ago
  Joey Hess 7d84d612b6 * Iceweasel/firefox cannot be in Key for desktop, since they are not 14 years ago