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# listpackages directory [field]
# This program spits out a list of all the packages listed in the tasks.
# If you go to auric, this command is then useful:
# for package in $(listpackages); do
# madison -s testing -a "i386 all" $package >/dev/null || echo "No $package!"
# done
# Or to see just key packages:
# listpackages tasks key
my $dir=shift or die "no directory specified\n";
my @toshow=qw{packages key};
@toshow=@ARGV if @ARGV;
use File::Find;
find(\&processfile, $dir);
sub processfile {
my $file=$_; # File::Find craziness.
$file eq 'po' && -d $file && ($File::Find::prune = 1);
return if $File::Find::dir=~/\.svn/;
return unless $file =~ /^[-+_.a-z0-9]+$/ and -f $file;
open (IN, $file) or die "$file: $!";
my %fields;
my $field="";
while (<IN>) {
next if /^\s*#/;
if (/^\s/) {
else {
($field, my $value)=split(/:\s*/, $_, 2);
close IN;
my @list;
push @list, split(' ', $fields{$_}) foreach @toshow;
print join("\n", @list)."\n" if @list;