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  1. /* $Id */
  2. #ifndef _SLANGUI_H
  3. #define _SLANGUI_H
  4. struct packages_t;
  5. void ui_init(int argc, char * const argv[], struct packages_t *taskpkgs, struct packages_t *packages);
  6. int ui_shutdown(void);
  7. int ui_running(void);
  8. void ui_resize(void);
  9. int ui_eventloop(void);
  10. void ui_shadow(int x, int y, unsigned int dx, unsigned int dy);
  11. int ui_drawbox(int obj, int x, int y, unsigned int dx, unsigned int dy, int shadow);
  12. void ui_button(int row, int col, char *txt);
  13. void ui_title(int row, int col, int width, char *title);
  14. void ui_dialog(int row, int col, int height, int width, char *title, char *msg, int reflow);
  15. int ui_drawscreen(void);
  16. void ui_drawchooseritem(int index);
  17. void ui_toggleselection(int index);
  18. void ui_showhelp(void);
  19. void ui_showpackageinfo(void);
  20. void ui_redrawchooser(void);
  21. void ui_redrawcursor(int index);
  22. void ui_clearcursor(int index);
  23. #endif