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  1. =head1 NAME
  2. tasksel - a user interface for installing tasks
  3. =head1 SYNOPSIS
  4. tasksel install <task>
  5. tasksel remove <task>
  6. tasksel [options]
  7. =head1 DESCRIPTION
  8. tasksel shows all available tasks and allows to user to select
  9. ones to install
  10. =head1 OPTIONS
  11. =over 4
  12. =item B<-t>, B<--test>
  13. test mode; don't actually install or remove packeges
  14. =item B<--new-install>
  15. automatically select some tasks without even displaying them to the user;
  16. default other tasks to on; used during new Debian installs.
  17. =item B<--list-tasks>
  18. list on stdout the tasks that would be displayed in the tasksel interface
  19. =item B<--task-packages> task
  20. lists on stdout the packages that are available and part of the given task
  21. Note that this option may be given more than once.
  22. =item B<--task-desc> task
  23. outputs the extended description of the given task
  24. =item B<--debconf-apt-progress> options
  25. Pass the specified options to the debconf-apt-progress command that tasksel
  26. runs.
  27. =back
  28. =head1 SEE ALSO
  29. dpkg(8), apt-get(8)
  30. =head1 FILES
  31. F</usr/share/tasksel/*.desc> and
  32. F</usr/local/share/tasksel/*.desc> are used to define tasks.
  33. =head1 AUTHOR
  34. tasksel was written by Randolph Chung E<lt>tausq@debian.orgE<gt>
  35. and Joey Hess E<lt>joeyh@debian.orgE<gt>
  36. =head1 HISTORY
  37. This document first appeared with tasksel-1.0