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Christian Perrier 70be16cff7 releasing version 3.21 7 years ago
po Brazilian Portuguese (Adriano Rafael Gomes). Closes: #685181 9 years ago
changelog releasing version 3.21 7 years ago
compat debhelper v9 9 years ago
control Drop acpid and acpi-support from laptop task. Closes: #758762 7 years ago
copyright updated debian copyright format url 9 years ago
docs * Use debhelper v7; rules file simplification. 13 years ago
menu * Update menu file to use new section. 14 years ago
postinst add missing set -e 14 years ago
rules Use dh_perl -d, as tasksel does not need perl, only perl-base. Closes: #686021 9 years ago
tasksel-data.postinst Work around dpkg's failure to replace directory with symlink on upgrade. 9 years ago
templates Change default desktop to xfce. 7 years ago