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$Id: README,v 1.1 1999/11/21 22:01:04 tausq Exp $
Task Selection UI v0.1
Nov 20, 1999
Randolph Chung <>

Here's a first cut at a task selection user interface.

The interface GUI is based on libslang. It has no other special library

On startup, the tasksel program will read /var/lib/dpkg/available to
identify task packages (matching "task-*"). These packages will be
presented in a simple list selection screen with their short descriptions.
Users can drill down into the task packages to see detailed descriptions and
some information about the packages in the task.

On exit, tasksel executes the appropriate apt-get command to install the
selected packages. If the -t option is given, then tasksel prints out the
command line to use to stdout instead. All other messages are printed to

The appropriate display strings in the source have been marked with gettext
macros, though I have never done any other i18n work and am not sure if it
is done correctly at the moment.

A word on building.... use make CFLAGS="-Os" to get a smaller binary. The
default build rule produces binaries with debugging symbols. You can also
turn on -DDEBUG to get extra debugging info.

Comments and suggestions are most welcome.