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  1. Task: database-server
  2. Section: server
  3. # HELP: Would "relational database server" be a better short desk?
  4. # HELP: the folks on #debian-devel think if you want a db server, you
  5. # probably want to pick between postgres and mysql. Should this task live?
  6. Description: SQL database
  7. This task selects client and server packages for the PostgreSQL database.
  8. .
  9. PostgreSQL is an SQL relational database, offering increasing SQL92
  10. compliance and some SQL3 features. It is suitable for use with multi-user
  11. database access, through its facilities for transactions and fine-grained
  12. locking.
  13. Key:
  14. task-database-server
  15. Packages: task-fields
  16. Packages-list: