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/* $Id: data.h,v 1.7 2001/05/23 17:39:54 joeyh Rel $ */
#ifndef _DATA_H
#define _DATA_H
typedef enum {
} priority_t;
struct package_t {
char *name;
char *shortdesc;
char *longdesc;
int dependscount;
char **depends;
int recommendscount;
char **recommends;
int suggestscount;
char **suggests;
char *section;
priority_t priority;
int selected;
int pseudopackage;
struct packages_t {
int count;
void *packages;
struct task_t {
char *name;
struct package_t *task_pkg;
char **packages;
int packagescount;
int packagesmax;
int selected;
struct tasks_t {
int count;
void *tasks;
/* Reads in a list of tasks from task description file */
void taskfile_read(char *fn, struct tasks_t *tasks, struct packages_t *pkgs, unsigned char showempties);
/* Reads in a list of package and package descriptions from available file */
void packages_readlist(struct tasks_t *tasks, struct packages_t *packages);
/* free memory allocated to store packages */
void packages_free(struct tasks_t *tasks, struct packages_t *packages);
struct package_t *packages_find(const struct packages_t *packages, const char *name);
struct task_t *tasks_find(const struct tasks_t *tasks, const char *name);
struct package_t **packages_enumerate(const struct packages_t *packages);
struct task_t **tasks_enumerate(const struct tasks_t *tasks);