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- Please follow the coding style already used (which is close to the
GNU style) - if adding new files please include the following mode
line for emacs and other editors:
-*- mode: C; c-file-style: "gnu"; indent-tabs-mode: nil; -*-
- Spaces, not tabs, are used.
- All external interfaces (network protocols, file formats, etc.)
should be documented in man pages or other documentation.
Anonymous checkouts:
$ git clone git://
Checkouts for ssh account holders
$ git clone ssh://[username@]
Checklist for making a release:
- Pull translations from Transfix ("tx pull -a")
- Remember to add new po/*.po files and update po/LINGUAS
- Make sure that you pushed the POT file a couple of weeks before
this and that no new strings has been added
- Update the NEWS file
- Check that everything works
- Run 'make check'
- Run 'sudo src/tests/integration-test'
- Check that you have no uncommitted or unpushed changes
- Check there are no glaring TODO or FIXME
- Sanity-check all new API
- Ensure newly added API is marked properly with "Since: X.Y"
- Ensure that deprecated API is marked as such
- Do the actual release (see
- run 'make publish'
- run 'make publish-docs'
- Tag the release: git tag -s -m X.Y.Z X.Y.Z
- Post-release actions:
- Bump the version in
- Commit message: Post-release version bump to X.Y.Z
- Prepare NEWS file - append " (unreleased)" to version number
- Commit message: Start writing NEWS for X.Y.Z
When doing the first micro release in a new minor series (for example
starting the 2.0.0, 2.1.0, 2.2.0 etc. series), do the following
- Update the date in man pages to "$MONTH $YEAR" e.g. "October 2012"
- At some point after the release, create the udisks-X-Y branch
- Perform the post-release actions above on the created branch
- This is for maintenance releases
- Do this when focus is on new feature development
- Then bump version on master to X.Y.90 (prereleases for X.Y+1.0)
- Add "Index of new symbols in X.Y+1" index to doc/udisks2-docs.xml
For maintenance releases, the rules are simple
- Work on the udisks-X-Y branch
- If possible, cherry-pick fixes from master ('git cherry-pick')
- Do not add (or backport) any new API or features
- Do not add, remove or change any translatable strings
- Do not add new dependencies
- Commit messages should be of the form (the five lines between the
lines starting with ===)
=== begin example commit ===
Short explanation of the commit
Longer explanation explaining exactly what's changed, whether any
external or private interfaces changed, what bugs were fixed (with bug
tracker reference if applicable) and so forth. Be concise but not too brief.
=== end example commit ===
- Always add a brief description of the commit to the _first_ line of
the commit and terminate by two newlines (it will work without the
second newline, but that is not nice for the interfaces).
- First line (the brief description) must only be one sentence and
must start with a capital letter. Don't use a trailing period.
- The main description (the body) is normal prose and should use normal
punctuation and capital letters where appropriate. Normally, for patches
sent to a mailing list it's copied from there.
- When committing code on behalf of others use the --author option, e.g.
git commit -a --author "Joe Coder <>"
- If submitting (or commiting) patch in Bugzilla prefix the first
line with "Bug <Number> — <Bug Title>" (the dash is U+2014 EM DASH,
not '-') and include the bug URL in the commit message. Example:
"Bug 24885 — LVM LVs now have NOPOLICY=0" and