8884 Commits (new-beta)

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  Xenguy 82ad35f0bd Publish Dev to Live: Beer's PR #7, and golinux's decommission. 1 day ago
  Xenguy 6725880841 Added ful path to 'sources.list' file. 1 day ago
  golinux a4d0269267 Added "." (stupid typo) 1 day ago
  golinux 7749fa4453 Corrected typos 1 day ago
  Xenguy 653e41ce86 Merge pull request 'Fix: Rosset files mirror path' (#7) from Beer/www.devuan.org:mirror into new-beta 1 day ago
  golinux bf2d029722 Changed auto.mirror status to decommissioned 1 day ago
  Beer cba693e46e
Fix: Rosset files mirror path 2 days ago
  Xenguy ad5cab9fb4 Publish Dev to Live 2 days ago
  golinux 3f72316708 Update 'source/os/packages.html' 4 days ago
  golinux 2124499784 Update 'source/os/explore.html' 4 days ago
  golinux d96e7c6bc5 Update 'source/os/explore.html' 4 days ago
  golinux 03af32a2ef Update 'source/os/development.html' 4 days ago
  Xenguy 0facf818a3 A third iteration of the previous 2 commits. 4 days ago
  Xenguy 932b024302 Repositioned lines added in previous commit. 5 days ago
  Xenguy 99c7191bad Added link to archived Gitlab instance, to 2 pages. 1 week ago
  Xenguy ba42cd589d Publish Dev to Live: All pages now use <br>; Xenguy added to team.html 1 week ago
  Xenguy 224e412acd All files now use <br>, not <br />; Xenguy added to team.html. 1 week ago
  Xenguy dee9a9cd91 Revert "Search/replace: <br> -> <br />" 3 weeks ago
  Xenguy ef378ee947 Search/replace: <br> -> <br /> 3 weeks ago
  Xenguy 4e774d6e50 Publish Dev to Live: 1 new mirror, and new financial report posted. 3 weeks ago
  Xenguy 5ddd3c155c Uploaded and linked the 2019 Devuan financial report. 3 weeks ago
  Xenguy 30b89c5b5e Fixed typo in URL. 3 weeks ago
  Xenguy fcc13390cc Added the new mirror 'rsync' instance. 3 weeks ago
  Xenguy eae0dd632a Added a new mirror (3 of 4 protocols complete; just waiting on 'rsync'. 3 weeks ago
  Xenguy 3def1a4cc7 Publishing Dev to Live. 3 weeks ago
  Xenguy 65a56c0f5f Search/replace '&amp;&' -> '&amp;&amp;'. 3 weeks ago
  Xenguy be7c8fd778 Second attempt: These changes are cosmetic code changes only. 1 month ago
  Xenguy 14363b58a6 Revert "These changes are cosmetic code changes only." 1 month ago
  Xenguy fafa8a8fb3 These changes are cosmetic code changes only. 1 month ago
  Xenguy aebea985fe Publish Dev to Live: conversion to root-relative URL form now complete. 1 month ago
  Xenguy 3d21b34eca Fixed some links, and general cleanup done on files not yet edited. 1 month ago
  Xenguy 833c04c3b1 AFAICT, 3 broken links were fixed with this commit. 1 month ago
  Xenguy 5dbbd824c1 This commit aims to translate all site URLs to a form of 'root-relative'. 1 month ago
  Xenguy 5253d447c1 Publishing Dev to Live. 1 month ago
  Xenguy 0234df6de9 Fixed a typo. 1 month ago
  Xenguy b2068bba21 Made all URLs 'root-relative', plus some general code cleanup. 1 month ago
  Xenguy f5c0188697 These edits are similar to the recent 3 disk encryption files. 1 month ago
  Xenguy 5921b01953 We have 3 more files to edit, similar to the recent 3 disk encryption files. 1 month ago
  Xenguy e43f2960c0 We are now applying class 'vguide' hither, and thither... And yonder! 1 month ago
  Xenguy c2a5eefaf0 Applied 'vguide' class to '<p>' tags. Also general cleanup. 1 month ago
  Xenguy 9243f36d14 Moved section 'Translations' up the page. 1 month ago
  Xenguy a49aeab6ed Corrected URL file path errors. 2 months ago
  Xenguy 896f6daca8 Applied yet another instance of the 'vguide' class to yet another <p> tag. 2 months ago
  Xenguy 1411da1438 This is a major revision of page content and organization. 2 months ago
  Xenguy b149fc74ad Deleted temporary-file-for-review 'index_v1_for-review.html' 2 months ago
  Xenguy 9d06702c94 Added 'vguide' class to one more <p> tag. 2 months ago
  Xenguy 383400cc3e Applied 'class="vguide"' to select '<p>' tags, to constrain line width. 2 months ago
  Xenguy eb611c2247 Removed <br /> tags at end of lines. Other code formatting fixes also. 2 months ago
  Xenguy a34e76d80d Committing Beer's suggested change (see Pull Request #6), plus 1 more edit. 2 months ago
  golinux f88c89a6f2 removed some stray > 2 months ago