8969 Commits (new-beta)

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  Xenguy 16041950c1 Removed 2 lines from Jessie (recommended by fsr). 6 days ago
  Xenguy 418730eb5a Publish to Live 1 week ago
  Xenguy ac2c9ac2ee Correcting again. 1 week ago
  Xenguy d1deab48ec Publish to Live: code correction. 1 week ago
  Xenguy b2533cb0fd Code correction. 1 week ago
  Xenguy 5a36f5834d Publish to Live: commented out magnet URL temporarily, until fixed. 1 week ago
  Xenguy 2ea6ee7298 Commenting out magnet URL until a working magnet is generated. 1 week ago
  Xenguy 18f6f22a3c Testing a new magnet URL for torrent ISO downloads. 1 week ago
  Xenguy f796b1e8e5 Publish to Live. 3 weeks ago
  Xenguy c656c2c82b On 5 of 7 files, change Beowulf version from 3.1.0 to 3.1 3 weeks ago
  Xenguy 3b89d161a9 Publish to Live: removed some problematic mirror URLs. 3 weeks ago
  Xenguy cfe1c2afa4 Mirror list maintenance: commented out problem mirrors. 3 weeks ago
  Xenguy 299d750f1c Publish to Live: s/main/primary/ 3 weeks ago
  Xenguy dd959e80a6 s/main/primary/ 3 weeks ago
  Xenguy 1510e4f383 Publish to Live. 1 month ago
  Xenguy 719c4a42ca Slight modification of wording re: mason flagging a terminology issue. 1 month ago
  Xenguy 83757f1849 Publish Dev to Live: mirrors updated. 1 month ago
  Xenguy 746796972c Updates from (weekly) ISO mirror inventory. 1 month ago
  Xenguy baabc91213 Commented bad mirror; fixed URL typo. 1 month ago
  Xenguy cbe5961bcc Publish Dev to Live: removed some problematic mirror URLs. 1 month ago
  Xenguy bd49b2a5bf Reinstated 1 mirror. 1 month ago
  Xenguy 8bb21d78c3 Mirror list maintenance: commented out problem mirrors. 1 month ago
  Xenguy 384267444c Publish Dev to Live. 1 month ago
  Xenguy a56259940a Fixed broken link. 1 month ago
  Ralph Rönnquist 1fac16027f avoid spacing loss showing emails 1 month ago
  Ralph Rönnquist dbc6aa76a0 added css files for debbugs 1 month ago
  Xenguy db37ef9f15 Publish Dev to Live. 1 month ago
  Xenguy e447f666c6 Have I mentioned I really hate that non-ISO date format?!? 1 month ago
  Xenguy c98bd25de8 Regenerated magnet link and re-linked. 1 month ago
  Xenguy 886755678f Publish Dev to Live: Beowulf 3.1.0 (Valentines Day) Point Release 1 month ago
  Xenguy 6efd75ca29 Added <code> tag to 'lilo'. 1 month ago
  Xenguy 9a08027775 Applied <code> tags to init system references. 1 month ago
  Xenguy 5ab3ed7383 Reference Valentine's Day anniversary in opening paragraph. 1 month ago
  Xenguy ae39cea41a Removed vague promise to make Arm images available via torrent. 1 month ago
  Xenguy 830350a210 Generated new magnet URL based on new torrent file, and linked it. 1 month ago
  Xenguy f753c0c81a Updated image to include runit init system installation option. 1 month ago
  Xenguy 3a20a47c0b Corrected popcon URL and link text (thanks sgage!) 1 month ago
  Xenguy da5eb3ee47 Updated to and/or added link to Beowulf point release announcement. 1 month ago
  Xenguy c6bf035bde Improved wording of ARM/vitual images bit. 1 month ago
  Xenguy 6261007741 Updated sentence about ARM and virtual images. 1 month ago
  Xenguy daba2202c1 Updated 'Security updates' sub-section; removed 'Other changes' sub-section. 1 month ago
  Xenguy 82c4570e9c Removed a sentence the previous commit was intended to replace. 1 month ago
  Xenguy c300e5e1a5 Installer now offers Runit as a 3rd init system. 1 month ago
  Xenguy 5210e722fe Subtle improvement in wording (thanks fsmithred!). 1 month ago
  Xenguy 4240046aad Merge branch 'point-release-3.1' into new-beta 1 month ago
  Xenguy 67b8d9748e Revert "Test edit in web interface." 2 months ago
  fsmithred f667245db4 Test edit in web interface. 2 months ago
  Xenguy d6d06d3a1c Revert "Test #1: Editing a file on this branch with Gitea" 2 months ago
  Xenguy cefe80c3bd Test #1: Editing a file on this branch with Gitea 2 months ago
  Xenguy 9755c1c149 Updated 'coming soon' from Beowulf to Chimaera. 2 months ago