8 Commits (new-beta)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Evilham 555fb194b2 Remove legacy os/packages files and code. 1 year ago
  hellekin c6c1f6c260 Stop syncing properly: allow lingering, uncommitted files 4 years ago
  hellekin 51c6e23773 List maintainers 4 years ago
  hellekin ecbf9d98be Adapt sync to new setup 4 years ago
  hellekin 6732685b3d Add first iteration of packages info 4 years ago
  hellekin a9ee8dd1a1 Delete old unused files when rsyncing 4 years ago
  hellekin 2dd31fa30a Only rsync successful builds 4 years ago
  hellekin 02e134177d Add basic deployment script 4 years ago