43 Commits (new-beta)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Evilham 6df498c2ed Add trailing slashes to pdo mirror paths. 3 years ago
  Evilham 9099754558 Added mine.nu PDO mirror 3 years ago
  Evilham 68985f3f14 Added pdo mirror data and standarised both lists 3 years ago
  Evilham af0c291c39 Fixed rsync path for sledjhamr mirror. 3 years ago
  Evilham f3a315699d Updated mirror list. 3 years ago
  Evilham 4c3f6122e0 Changed dotsrc path to devuan-cd 3 years ago
  Evilham 507918ea85 Added rough list of pdo mirror information. 3 years ago
  Evilham 419c8c5cb6 Changed path for merlin mirror. 3 years ago
  Evilham 1fc2b68c06 Added maintainer email for vutbr mirror. 3 years ago
  Evilham 156133ff90 Reordered leaseweb and nluug. 3 years ago
  Evilham 3872829829 Removed ftp from LMU mirror. 3 years ago
  Evilham bd7ce25e9c Added maintainer IRC nick for a couple mirrors. 3 years ago
  Evilham bf95b5f1f5 Added LMU mirror and rsync for princeton. 3 years ago
  Evilham 8ea22303bd Added new dotsrc mirror. 3 years ago
  Evilham e757a50823 Fixed missing path for merlin mirror. 3 years ago
  Evilham f4a362c875 Reorded so that it reflects chronology and output is as currently. 3 years ago
  Evilham a258af0867 Removed https for merlin.fit.vutbr.cz 3 years ago
  Evilham bfba64568a Added ftp+rsync to sledjhamr. 3 years ago
  Evilham e2e3f8d010 Standarised bandwith + trailing slashes, merged leaseweb mirrors to one entry. 3 years ago
  Evilham 856a840606 Added mirrors with missing info. 3 years ago
  Evilham 7d57cbbf11 Added mirror at sledjhamr.org. 3 years ago
  Evilham 79970e326d Simplified fiel a bit by treating absent status as active. 3 years ago
  Evilham 427fb39e90 Updated existing entries in mirrors.yml. 3 years ago
  hellekin e40dee8069 Add Files.do mirror (refs #140) 4 years ago
  hellekin 613f2eff12 Add Files.DO NL mirror from contrast.network (thanks @maikell, refs #137) 4 years ago
  hellekin aab8d656bd Add Files.DO DE mirror from Netzspielplatz (thanks @egon0, refs #138) 4 years ago
  hellekin e691abf122 [mirrors] update neo900 URL (refs.: #118) 4 years ago
  hellekin 1b3dfdcc11 Add LeaseWeb mirrors to the list (refs #133) 4 years ago
  hellekin 64f8bbbf9b Order mirrors alphabetically 4 years ago
  hellekin 972f5d8a07 Set FDO mirror SELEA inactive by maintainer's request (closes #126) 4 years ago
  hellekin 8a2845ba92 Add VUT Brno files.do mirror (CZ) (WIP: need issue number) 4 years ago
  hellekin 25703fc375 Add fdo IT mirror from eth0.it (closes #113) 4 years ago
  hellekin 87e3c727f7 Mark selea fdo mirror as active (closes #120) 4 years ago
  hellekin bd6d1625b5 Add all mirror pages 4 years ago
  hellekin f3d247cd3f Automate mirrors page from data/mirrors.yml + Add c3l 4 years ago
  hellekin ef8749e7ef Add official mirrors list. TODO: add others to git.do 4 years ago
  hellekin 822c677a3c Add missing file that breaks the build 4 years ago
  hellekin 58a5ea69f3 Manually fix Dan's email on tasksel 4 years ago
  hellekin 51c6e23773 List maintainers 4 years ago
  hellekin 666ede3643 Update data/distro.yml with more details 4 years ago
  hellekin 6732685b3d Add first iteration of packages info 4 years ago
  hellekin e65291874a Add sample data 4 years ago
  hellekin 7071633890 [WIP] Jumbo commit to add some contents 4 years ago