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.TH "xfce4-popup-windowlist" "1" "8-28-2008"
xfce4-popup-windowlist \- shows the Xfce window list applet popup
.B xfce4-popup-windowlist
[ \-pointer ]
This manual page documents briefly the \fBxfce4-popup-windowlist\fR command.
\fBxfce4-popup-windowlist\fR shows the Xfce window list if at least one Xfce
window list applet is present on one of your panel(s).
The default behaviour is to show the window list near the applet button. If
you have several Xfce window list applets, only the first one you have set up
will pop up.
If you want to pop up the window list without using the window list applet on
your panel(s), see the manual page for \fBxfdesktop\fR(1).
.BR \-pointer
The window list appears at your current mouse position instead of its default
.BR xfce4-popup-menu (1),
.BR xfdesktop (1)
.B xfce4-popup-windowlist
.\" from source :
is Copyright (c) 2006 Darren Salt.
This manual page was written by Francois Wendling <> for the
Debian GNU/Linux system (but may be used by others).