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What is it?
'xfce4-panel' is the panel of the Xfce Desktop Environment. It is no longer
modeled after the CDE panel like the first versions of xfce.
This version is based on GTK+ and should have all the advantages that come
with this toolkit (see
The panel provides program lauchers with, optionally, non-hierarchical menus
(easier to read at a glance), and several panel 'plugins' like a clock and a
pager. Additional plugins may be installed separately.
The file 'INSTALL' contains generic installation instructions.
Starting from version 4.4, the Xfce Panel support two types of plugins:
* Internal plugins. These are loadable modules, using the gmodule interface.
* External plugins. These are separate programs that are embedded into the
panel using the GtkPlug/GtkSocket mechanism.
For more information about the panel plugins framework, you can read the API
documentation ( or
the panel plugins how to (
KIOSK mode
The Xfce Panel supports the KIOSK mode introduced with libxfce4util 4.1.13.
It provides the following KIOSK capabilities:
CustomizePanel: Only users with this capability will be allowed to customize
their panel (add panel plugins, configure panel plugins, add launchers, etc.).
This is similar to setting the environment va- riable XFCE_DISABLE_USER_CONFIG
with the old panel.
So a sample xfce4-panel section in your kioskrc might look like this:
<-- start snip -->
<-- end snip -->
This allows only users in the group powerusers and the user foo to customize
their panels.
How to report bugs?
Bugs should be reported to the Xfce bug tracking system:
(, product Xfce, component xfce4-panel).