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News: Pull changes from 4.8 branch.

Nick Schermer 9 years ago
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- Panel: Wait until the wm is ready on all screens (bug #7161).
- Systray: Control the thinkness of the frame (bug #7593).
- Launcher: Fix broken compilation (bug #7966).
- Launcher: Don't reconstruct the items on save (bug #7952).
- Applicationsmenu: Fix segfault with not-existing menu (bug #7895).
- Libxfce4panel: Avoid problem if panel is not yet realized.
- Panel: Print string in case of an invalid position.
- Libxfce4panel: Always try to return an icon.
- Directorymenu: Also send the target directory as arg (bug #7745).
- Translation updates (it, tr, nl, sk, pt_BR, te, zh_CN, pt, ru, ko,
ja, ro, fr, kk, ms, es, id, eu).

- Tasklist: Avoid unneeded dnd actions.
- Launcher: Fix plugin size with arrow button (bug #7747).
- Tasklist: Allow both motion activation and dnd (bug #7755).
- Panel: Fix off-by-one error in strut sizes (bug #7739).
- Tasklist: Fix assert in button dnd (bug #7741).
- Panel: Make preferences dialog work in Gtk+ 2.24.5.
- Systray: Add xfpm to known apps for a decent icon.
- Tasklist: Drop Gtk 2.22 API.
- Migrate: Fix 4.6 transparency migration (bug #7523).
- Translation updates (nl, zh_CN, de, pt, ja).

- Systray: Fix disappearing icons when drawing at 0,0 (bug #7057).
- Panel: Fix panel loading in kiosk mode.
- Common: Update online documentation help location.
- Launcher: Fix spacing in vertical panel with arrow on the side (bug #7584).
- Panel: Set window colormap and change autohide window type (bug #7435).
- Migrate: Fix 4.6 migration of action buttons (bug #7543).
- Libxfce4panel: Fix menu positioning for moved external plugins (bug #7529).
- Panel: Improve thread-safety.
- Libxfce4panel: Idle XfcePanelImage loading.
- Pager: Make the pager message less scary.
- Windowmenu: Do not update if screen is not initilized (bug #7728).
- Libxfce4panel: Keep blinking forever (bug #7583).
- Tasklist: Fix minimizing of active transient windows (bug #7674).
- Tasklist: Add a sorting mode for tasklist reordering with dnd (bug #7058).
- Translation updates (fi, sk, pt_BR, eu, nl).

- Tasklist: Work around segfaulting of group buttons.
- Tasklist: Properly initialize the monitor geometry on startup (bug #7340).
- Use portable from xfconf.
- Panel: Avoid recursing gtk_main_quit() on signal.
- Tasklist: Hide wireframe when window is destroyed (bug #7377).
- Directorymenu: Remove unused varaible.
- Pager: Fix typo in row warning.
- Tasklist: Fix function prototype.
- Panel: Do no inline function.
- Tasklist: add button release event to proxy item (bug #7362).
- Translation updates (zh_CN, tr, de).

- Change packing order of buttons in pager to match wnck.
- Initialize tasklist viewport if screen is connected (bug #7255).
- Set some atk object names on panel buttons without label.
- Allow installation of the helpers in a custom location.
- Set a static role for the panels (bug #7094). Reverted the previous fix.
- Ask to start the panel if 'xfce4-panel -r' is called without instance.
- Respawn a child if the plugin was realized with a pid.
- Don't crash on a wrong colormap when changing screens.
- Don't activate windows in tasklist when dnd a button or plugin.
- Keep reference on window to avoid crash (bug #7193).
- Activate windows on button release events (bug #7296).
- Use the widget snapshot as tasklist draw icon.
- Fix test so manual is installed (bug #7274).
- Translation updates (he, sv, id, zh_CN, da, kk, pt, uk,
zh_TW, ja, ru).

- Make the panels sticky for some window managers (bug #7130).
- Fix assert when storing property values in xfconf (bug #7117).
- Migrate monitor information (bug #7135).
- Cache launcher menu tooltip pixbuf (bug #7146).
- Reverse menu item insert order (bug #7102).
- Set and restore a unique role name for windows (bug #7094).
- Don't return a critical on a NULL dbus session.
- Allocate 1x1 requests offscreen in the systray (bug #7143 and #7057).
- Popup window menu under cursor on window button group menus.
- Directly start the panel on the correct screen (bug #7161).
- Move the panel menu to the correct screen (bug #7203).
- Fix dragging panels to another screen.
- Open plugin dialogs on same screen as plugin.
- Sync hidden window and panel screen.
- Show launcher add dialog on the same screen as parent.
- Fix autohide direction based on orientation and edge.
- Deactivate menu button if loading menu failed.
- Don't double expose the panel's child widget (bug #6872).
- Remove unneeded check (bug #7149).
- Don't disappear when wm restarts with compositing (bug #7194).
- Properly update the plugin background when moving to other panel.
- Unset visible event window in 4.6 plugins.
- Various small code cleanups and improved debug messages.
- Translation updates (eu, fr, ja, lt, sv).

- Restart tray allocation if number of rows overflows (bug #7055).