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Prepare NEWS for release.

Nick Schermer 10 years ago
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- Panel: Don't destroy window when focussed and Alt+F4 is
pressed (bug #7378).
- Panel: Use new help function to redirect to
- Docs: Remove mallard documentation.
- Docs: Don't install the gtkrc README.
- Clock: Don't use sigval_t (bug #8297).
- Panel: Add support for pluggable dialogs.
- Panel: Save changed plugin ids if a plugin failed to load.
- Directorymenu: Fix prefered app not working without snotify
(bug #8298).
- Launcher: Small=FALSE in deskbar mode with label visible.
- Actions: Limit size of action buttons to row size.
- Panel: Removed item size checks.
- Clock: Fixing clock orientation in vertical/deskbar mode.
- Pager: Fixing infinite loopin in the WNCK pager aspect ratio
- Pager: Fixing plugin->size updates.
- Pager: Fixed workspace ordering in the vertical mode.
- Pager: Workaround for aspect ratio error in WNCK pager in deskbar
- Pager: Changing orientation depending on the panel mode.
- Clock: Changing default value of rotate-vertically to TRUE.
- Pager: Fixed preprocessor macro. Andrzej 1 -3/+7
- Pager: Removing broken workaround for aspect ratio in deskbar mode.
- Pager: Making use of a fixed libwnck version (>=2.31.0).
- Revert "Use realtime POSIX timers for the clock."
- Revert "Clock: Don't use sigval_t (bug #8297)."
- Launcher: Show the desktop file in the tooltip (bug #8536).
- Panel: Make string in about translatable (bug #8545).
- Panel: Don't ask for panel when inserting items (bug #8544).
- Panel: Reply to the caller for plugin events (bug #7365).
- Applicationsmenu: Fall-back to xfdesktop for
xfce4-popup-applicationsmenu (bug #7365).
- Applicationsmenu: Recurse application menu selection-done
gignal (bug #8541).
- Panel: Add (un)lock option to panel menu (bug #6980).
- Panel: Add confirmation before creating launchers from dnd
(bug #6926).
- Applicationsmenu: Allow non-squared icons in applications button
(bug #7381).
- Panel: Save plugin-ids when removing and moving items in ed.
- Translation updates ().
- Panel: Add option in preferences dialog to disable struts (bug #7202).