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  Nick Schermer 1f112bfe7b License updates. 11 years ago
  Nick Schermer 170fd5924b Initial import. 11 years ago
  Nick Schermer 4b94e4aabe Empty master for devel branch merge. 11 years ago
  Nick Schermer 78f66fe712 * Import my 4_5_nick branch into trunk: 14 years ago
  Jasper Huijsmans d0701a1e35 Move new panel to trunk 16 years ago
  Jasper Huijsmans 650aa1554e Move old trunk 16 years ago
  Jasper Huijsmans 58f1243cfd Update info text. Use AUTHORS for the credits page. Fix strange characters in COPYING 18 years ago
  Olivier Fourdan 47252deb99 Forgot COPYING :-( 19 years ago