15 Commits (12f8b019e3aef6ebb8dee4601f2728243482e411)

Author SHA1 Message Date
corsac 6f8d478f24 merge changes from experimental 9 years ago
corsac 262f2dd4ae * debian/xfce4-panel.shlibs: 10 years ago
mrpouit-guest 22e04a2105 revert some bits that went to trunk instead of branches/exp 10 years ago
mrpouit-guest 848a7e4aff * New upstream development release, including: 10 years ago
corsac 267913323e fix merge... 11 years ago
corsac 4c438c85d4 * debian/xfce4-panel.shlibs 12 years ago
corsac 0e4b4c622c merge back xfce 4.6 from svn-snapshots 13 years ago
huggie 5071b9f7af Update shlibs for new release too. 14 years ago
corsac-guest 563ad82cd9 traditional shlibs update 15 years ago
corsac-guest 1efa720f29 Xfce 4.4 release. Woot. \o/ 15 years ago
corsac-guest 27700a26f3 Xfce 4.4rc2 release 15 years ago
corsac-guest dff5d427bf Xfce 4.4RC1 16 years ago
huggie d79913862b shlibs SNAFU 16 years ago
corsac-guest b2e1d37fa2 fix typo in shlibs file 16 years ago
corsac-guest c26e1f0c09 fixed some lintian complains about libs, ldconfig.. 16 years ago