2 Commits (12f8b019e3aef6ebb8dee4601f2728243482e411)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Nick Schermer 263a8bac97 Add new application menu plugin. 11 years ago
  Nick Schermer 4ac60ceb70 Add xfce4-panel icons. 11 years ago
  Nick Schermer 4b94e4aabe Empty master for devel branch merge. 11 years ago
  Nick Schermer f687e8f6c5 * Change a lot of strings to mnemonic labels. 13 years ago
  Nick Schermer 3fbe83b700 * Improve the icons with some tango ones or the standard icon names. Also remove 14 years ago
  Nick Schermer 78f66fe712 * Import my 4_5_nick branch into trunk: 14 years ago
  Benedikt Meurer f62e268b52 The common icons are now installed by libxfcegui4. Bug #2033. 15 years ago
  Benedikt Meurer 072604f528 Update for 4.4beta1. 15 years ago
  Jasper Huijsmans f933c2b542 * Merge back old panel translations. They are mostly unused, I guess, but maybe a few strings are still the same. 16 years ago
  Jasper Huijsmans d0701a1e35 Move new panel to trunk 16 years ago
  Jasper Huijsmans 650aa1554e Move old trunk 16 years ago
  François Le Clainche dd2c6ee2b1 Updating panel icons as well 16 years ago
  Jasper Huijsmans 35e3907949 Add iconbox and taskbar icons 17 years ago
  Jasper Huijsmans 7974d47fbb Big reorganization for 4.3: 17 years ago
  François Le Clainche d026b81aee Commit a mail icon which is visible through a transparent panel 17 years ago
  François Le Clainche 2d78821279 Sync with Rodent icons. 17 years ago
  François Le Clainche ba72c486c6 Forgot to commit the new new multimedia icon :P 17 years ago
  François Le Clainche d5da1f6759 Improved icons 17 years ago
  Olivier Fourdan 230eae95f6 Update automake/autoconf/libtool/gettext versions to generate the configure scripts and Makefiles, 17 years ago
  Benedikt Meurer 524f10441c Added --enable-final (-O1 for GNU ld) as per Jaspers request. Added missing 17 years ago
  François Le Clainche 91f3153b1e oups... :) 17 years ago
  François Le Clainche d7c8eecaee Updated icons. 17 years ago
  Jasper Huijsmans 9be796d695 Cygwin changes. Patch by Maarten Boekhold. 17 years ago
  Jasper Huijsmans 83d8fb8084 Big update after server move: 17 years ago
  Jasper Huijsmans 925a6437c3 Rip out thread support. threads + gtk == trouble ;-) 17 years ago
  Benedikt Meurer 11ac1dcb33 Fix get_panel_icon() borkage and try to fix the 'Add new item' positioning. 17 years ago
  Benedikt Meurer 99904c4dbd Use xfce_themed_icon_load() for the mcs plugin. 17 years ago
  Brian Tarricone da44f160bc well that's an annoying typo... depending on libxfcegui4 twice but 17 years ago
  Benedikt Meurer 5aab58c63f Added support for KIOSK mode. 17 years ago
  Jasper Huijsmans af3275a83c Patch by brian to add threading to the panel. 17 years ago
  Jasper Huijsmans 143eed9238 Oh dear, big changes. Please test. 17 years ago
  Jasper Huijsmans e0122fc87c A bit of a proof of concept for icon theme handling. 17 years ago
  Olivier Fourdan 17055b27b7 Update zh_TW translations from umm <umm@pchome.com.tw> 17 years ago
  Jasper Huijsmans 637c241165 - Reduce handle width to show only one line of dots 17 years ago
  Jasper Huijsmans c60c8c07bd * change deprecated funtions to xfce_* replacements 17 years ago
  Olivier Fourdan 857a3fadbd Update libtool and other automake, autoconf and gettext packages 18 years ago
  Jasper Huijsmans 4482ce7b4e Completion combo support. I'll probably be changing this a bit later. 18 years ago
  Jasper Huijsmans d3ac987237 Add/update swedish translations 18 years ago
  Jasper Huijsmans 8089cc7991 Tweak panel icon 18 years ago
  Olivier Fourdan 92141b918f libttol update and all 18 years ago
  Jasper Huijsmans 772c484654 Add separator. Remove separators from pager. Several smaller fixes to plugins. Update docs. 18 years ago
  Olivier Fourdan cc8da7836b Update to libtool-1.5 18 years ago
  Benedikt Meurer d867329e93 automake 1.7.5 18 years ago
  Olivier Fourdan e3bef32769 Add new widget xfce_framebox to unify look across UI 18 years ago
  Jasper Huijsmans ab6b73fdf5 Add russian translation and fix xfdesktop not reading a new local menu 18 years ago
  Olivier Fourdan 043bd2c7d3 Versionning scheme 18 years ago
  Jasper Huijsmans b76cf0c992 Reindent using Olivier's new .indent.pro file 18 years ago
  Jasper Huijsmans 1838de48fe Add tamil translations 18 years ago
  Jasper Huijsmans 1be58dd586 Fixes for rpm target and distcheck stuff 18 years ago
  Jasper Huijsmans 55c9bb53a5 Add chinese translations 18 years ago