3 Commits (xfce4-panel-4.10.0)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Nick Schermer a8875699aa Remove maintainer header from AUTHORS. 11 years ago
  Nick Schermer 0f486a34d2 Rework DBus code and import tasklist plugin from master. 11 years ago
  Nick Schermer 170fd5924b Initial import. 11 years ago
  Nick Schermer 4b94e4aabe Empty master for devel branch merge. 11 years ago
  Nick Schermer 78f66fe712 * Import my 4_5_nick branch into trunk: 14 years ago
  Jasper Huijsmans c602f8c2e6 Update some info files. 15 years ago
  Jasper Huijsmans d0701a1e35 Move new panel to trunk 16 years ago
  Jasper Huijsmans 650aa1554e Move old trunk 16 years ago
  Benedikt Meurer 0267a6136f Use intltool to translate the contents.xml. 16 years ago
  Jasper Huijsmans c0d2e0cd8a Further cleanup: only create popup widgets when actually used. Start xfcalendar from the clock or send it a client message if already running 18 years ago
  Jasper Huijsmans f23e03f8a2 Update some info 18 years ago
  Benedikt Meurer 5f8c6fff9d Its now possible to write panel plugins outside the panel. See the NOTES 18 years ago
  Jasper Huijsmans ef991bcc34 Add autohide feature to the panel. THanks to Erik Touve. 18 years ago
  Jasper Huijsmans 7b3ccc7b6e Small cleanup 19 years ago
  Jasper Huijsmans 7aee3cea0d Cleanup clock plugin. Update to gettext 0.11.5 19 years ago
  Jasper Huijsmans 58f1243cfd Update info text. Use AUTHORS for the credits page. Fix strange characters in COPYING 19 years ago
  Xavier Maillard 4403147f85 updated my informations (addedd email) 19 years ago
  Jasper Huijsmans 0b63ca0c3a Major rewrite several internals. Unify panel items and modules in PanelControl structure (and change the xml file format in the process), make all dialogs instant-apply, rearrange preferences dialog, add option to keep panel on top, probably more 19 years ago
  Olivier Fourdan e75e49146d Add (empty) AUTHORS required by automake, 19 years ago
  Jasper Huijsmans 392223457d (Re)add all files and automake framework 19 years ago