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Things to do and ideas for Xfce Panel
Pick From Trunk
- DND to launcher, bug 3958.
- Merge translation changes (r29176, r29084, r29082).
- Add the new panel icons from trunk.
- Fix all the code with TODO in the comment.
- Add some lines in README.
- Xfconf locking for kiosk (insensitive/hidden widget if locked).
- Add style property to the scaled image to fix to a default size
or use all the available area.
- Launcher and iconbox buttons with only icons so it looks nice with
a transparant panel.
- Implement screen-position again.
- Stack panels on screen edges.
- Support for remote plugins.
- Implement settings manager as socket to integrate with xfce4-settings.
- Make panel positioning work in various kinds of monitor layouts.
- Possibly add support for the old external plugins again, this won't
be easy since a lot of things changed in the backend.
- Transparent tray icons (Fixed in Gtk+?).
- Option to 'disable' tray icons instead of hiding them.
- Use libnotify (dbus api?) for systray notifications, currently the
code is disabled.
Window Menu
- Add a popup application again.