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Nick Schermer 79afd14c46 Add support for menu monitoring. 13 years ago
.. Rename panel-builder to panel-utils. 13 years ago
panel-dbus.h Improve code for external plugins. 13 years ago
panel-debug.c Add support to run plugins in valgrind. 13 years ago
panel-debug.h Add support for menu monitoring. 13 years ago
panel-private.h Updates for release. 13 years ago
panel-utils.c Avoid ending with a # in the help uri. 13 years ago
panel-utils.h Wait for grab when running popup menus at pointer. 13 years ago
panel-xfconf.c Add support for more background options (bug #1731). 13 years ago
panel-xfconf.h Make the value array type shared. 13 years ago