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The Xfce Panel .gtkrc-2.0 hacks

style "xfce-tasklist-style"
# The maximum length of a button before the label ellipsizes.
# When this value is set to -1 the button will expand to the
# entire available space.
XfceTasklist::max-button-length = 200

# Maximum size of a button. This is used to detect the number of
# rows of the task list plugin. When you increase the value less
# rows will be possible.
XfceTasklist::max-button-size = 20

# Ellipsizing used in the task list button label.
XfceTasklist::ellipsize-mode = PANGO_ELLIPSIZE_END
class "XfceTasklist" style "xfce-tasklist-style"

style "xfce-launcher-plugin-style"
# Size of the icons of the menu, in pixels.
XfceLauncherPlugin::menu-icon-size = 36
class "XfceLauncherPlugin" style "xfce-launcher-plugin-style"

style "xfce-panel-image-style"
# Fix the panel images to a default gtk icon size, is only works for
# images below 32 pixels. You can for example use this when you have
# fuzzy launcher icons.
XfcePanelImage::force-gtk-icon-sizes = true
class "XfcePanelImage" style "xfce-panel-image-style"