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NEWS for xfce4-panel
- Major rewrite of the panel
- New plugin API supporting out-of-process plugins
- Support for multiple panels
- Xinerama and multi-head support (4.2-RC3)
- Fix type mismatch when writing backup files. Fixes infinite loop on non-x86.
Patch by Michele Baldessari <> (Jasper)
- Fix edge snapping for very big panels (Jasper)
- Properly setting dock type hint (Olivier)
- Translation updates (Jean-Francois) (4.2-RC2)
- Increase plugin API version. Plugins build against a panel older than RC1
need to be rebuild (Jasper)
- Fix two bugs in the graphical pager (Jasper, Olivier)
- Prevent resizing during panel unhide (Jasper)
- Translation updates (Jean-Francois) (4.2 RC1)
- Updated documentation screenshots (Jasper)
- Fix POP3 mail checking, patch by Piotr Chmura (Jasper)
- Make transparency configurable with a 'hidden' option (Jasper)
- Increase API version, but still support old plugins (Jasper)
- Use new gtk 2.4 file chooser (Jasper)
- Improve focus management (in combination with xfwm4) by setting the dock
type hint. Panel will now always be on top; the option is gone.
(Olivier, Jasper)
- Transparency is always on, but toggled off when the mouse is over the panel
4.1.91 (4.2 BETA2)
- Several translation updates (Jean-Francois)
- Some autohide fixes with open dialogs (Jasper)
- Fix multihead support (Jasper)
- Translucent panel when set on top. Needs xfwm4 with composite support
and XOrg >= 6.8.0 with composite extension enabled. (Olivier)
4.1.90 (4.2 BETA1)
- Use basedir spec to locate config file. (Jasper)
- Rename xfce4rc to contents.xml. (Jasper)
- Change the fallback (default) icons to the ones from the Rodent theme
by Francois, very pretty. (Jasper)
- Add support for new KIOSK mode. Much better than env variables. (Benedikt)
- Fix autohide and right-click menu interaction. (Jasper)
- Icon theme support : no more panel-specific themes, the panel will now
follow the icon theme set in the user interface dialog. (Jasper)
- Set partial struts (Jasper)
- Add multihead support. The user needs to set DISPLAY properly to start a
new panel on another screen. (Jasper)
- Update list of module list when opening dialog: remove uninstalled modules
(when not in use) and add newly installed ones. Based on idea of Scott
Barron. (Jasper)
- Use a dialog to add items to the panel, instead of a submenu. (Jasper)
- Reduce handle width to show only one line of dots. (Jasper)
- Split out the code for choosing a command and choosing an icon from
item_dialog.c. to make it available for use in other dialogs (plugins).
The mailcheck plugin makes use of it and of course the launcher dialog.
- Implement module unloading. Add uniqueness setting to plugins. (Jasper)
- Add pop3 email checking: Use 'pop3://username:password@host' as mailbox.
- Properly update arrow direction. Use this info to position the menus.
Much better. (Jasper)
- Add xrandr awareness. (Jasper)
- Add xinerama aware smart positioning. (Jasper)