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Michal Várady 7cea5272c7 l10n: Updated Czech (cs) translation to 100% 11 years ago
common Common: Update online documentation help location. 11 years ago
docs Actions: Merge functionality of xfce4-session plugin. 11 years ago
icons Add new application menu plugin. 13 years ago
libxfce4panel Libxfce4panel: Avoid problem if panel is not yet realized. 11 years ago
migrate Migrate: Some improvements for distros (bug #8060). 11 years ago
panel Migrate: Add version based config migration. 11 years ago
plugins Use realtime POSIX timers for the clock. 11 years ago
po l10n: Updated Czech (cs) translation to 100% 11 years ago
wrapper Small comment fixes. 12 years ago
.gitmodules Better point to the read-only repository. 12 years ago
AUTHORS Remove maintainer header from AUTHORS. 13 years ago
COPYING License updates. 13 years ago
COPYING.LIB License updates. 13 years ago Only include up to the xfce-4.6-master tag in the ChangeLog. 13 years ago
NEWS Updates for release. 12 years ago
README Initial import. 13 years ago
STATUS Cleanup STATUS file. 13 years ago
THANKS Empty thanks file, we will use git to generate it. 13 years ago
TODO Empty TODO. 13 years ago Update old FSF addresses. 12 years ago Drop AC_PROG_LIBTOOL and AC_DISABLE_STATIC for LT_PREREQ and LT_INIT. 11 years ago Fix Exec key in desktop file handler (bug #6912). 12 years ago Panel: Use long option, looks better in appfinder. 11 years ago