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Status Xfce Panel
New features
- Plugins can run both internal and external without recompiling.
External plugins now run inside a wrapper program. As a result
a lot of code has been removed from libxfce4panel.
Bugs Fixed
692 : Corner offset of panels. Panels can now be moved and
locked in any position.
1933 : Panel Grows and shrinks from the center. You can
also snap a panel on an screen edge.
2203 : Arbitrarily resizable panels.
2465 : Normal Width also applies to height. This feature has
been removed.
2471 : Hidden panel doesn't grow. The hidden window is now
also properly allocated when the window is hidden.
2955 : When opening the properties or add items dialog it
appears on the correct screen.
3748 : Panel desn't pick up changes made with XRandr. The
monitor configuration is no longer stored and recalculated
when the screen size or monitor number changes (GTK+ 2.13).