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  1. Panel
  2. =====
  3. - Almost complete rewrite of the code. Everything is now writtin in gobjects and a lot easier to understand (more comments, better function names, less code, smarter, faster, etc.).
  4. - Dragging a panel to snap to screen egdes (will work on a mouseless implementation later). Greatly improved the positioning code.
  5. - You can set the panel length (percentages).
  6. - Lock panels -> no dragging possible.
  7. - Alpha background (transparent panel).
  8. - Item/plugin editor in the panel preferences.
  9. - Xfconf, so you can change all panel properties externally except for adding and removing panels (yet).
  10. Plugin Framework
  11. ================
  12. - ALL PLUGINS ARE FROM NOW ON COMPILED AS LIBRARIES. So you need to change your (sorry). Will provide a script to do this before compiling a plugin.
  13. - DBus communication with external plugins.
  14. - Plugins API is still the same (pfew).
  15. - If you want to run an internal plugin you can define X-XFCE-Internal=TRUE in the desktop file.
  16. - Because of the changes above, the XfcePanelPlugin is now a single gobject, this drops a lot of complexity in the previous plugin framework and also allows developing plugins as gobjects (yay).
  17. - Various speedups here and there.
  18. Internal Plugins
  19. ================
  20. - Xfconf support in all plugins.
  21. - All plugins use the gobject implementation.
  22. - Iconbox: Merged in the tasklist plugins.
  23. - Clock: Fuzzy clock mode. Still working on some other improvements.
  24. - Tasklist: Dropped the WnckTasklist, to make the iconbox merge. Also working on some other improvements (sorting, dnd, performance, accessibility).
  25. - Launcher: Improve desktop file support, not started yet. In the end it should be a lot easier to create launchers.
  26. - Launcher: Create new launchers from the command line.