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* Copyright (C) 2009-2010 Nick Schermer <>
* This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it
* under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free
* Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option)
* any later version.
* This library is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT
* ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or
* FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for
* more details.
* You should have received a copy of the GNU Library General Public License
* along with this library; if not, write to the Free Software Foundation,
* Inc., 59 Temple Place - Suite 330, Boston, MA 02111-1307, USA
#include <config.h>
#include <locale.h>
#include <libxfce4ui/libxfce4ui.h>
#include <exo/exo.h>
#include <common/panel-private.h>
#include <common/panel-utils.h>
static void
panel_utils_help_button_clicked (GtkWidget *button,
XfcePanelPlugin *panel_plugin)
GtkWidget *toplevel;
panel_return_if_fail (XFCE_IS_PANEL_PLUGIN (panel_plugin));
panel_return_if_fail (GTK_IS_WIDGET (button));
toplevel = gtk_widget_get_toplevel (button);
panel_utils_show_help (GTK_WINDOW (toplevel),
xfce_panel_plugin_get_name (panel_plugin),
GtkBuilder *
panel_utils_builder_new (XfcePanelPlugin *panel_plugin,
const gchar *buffer,
gsize length,
GObject **dialog_return)
GError *error = NULL;
GtkBuilder *builder;
GObject *dialog, *button;
panel_return_val_if_fail (XFCE_IS_PANEL_PLUGIN (panel_plugin), NULL);
builder = gtk_builder_new ();
if (gtk_builder_add_from_string (builder, buffer, length, &error))
dialog = gtk_builder_get_object (builder, "dialog");
if (G_LIKELY (dialog != NULL))
g_object_weak_ref (G_OBJECT (dialog),
(GWeakNotify) g_object_unref, builder);
xfce_panel_plugin_take_window (panel_plugin, GTK_WINDOW (dialog));
xfce_panel_plugin_block_menu (panel_plugin);
g_object_weak_ref (G_OBJECT (dialog),
(GWeakNotify) xfce_panel_plugin_unblock_menu,
button = gtk_builder_get_object (builder, "close-button");
if (G_LIKELY (button != NULL))
g_signal_connect_swapped (G_OBJECT (button), "clicked",
G_CALLBACK (gtk_widget_destroy), dialog);
button = gtk_builder_get_object (builder, "help-button");
if (G_LIKELY (button != NULL))
g_signal_connect (G_OBJECT (button), "clicked",
G_CALLBACK (panel_utils_help_button_clicked), panel_plugin);
if (G_LIKELY (dialog_return != NULL))
*dialog_return = dialog;
return builder;
g_set_error_literal (&error, 0, 0, "No widget with the name \"dialog\" found");
g_critical ("Faild to construct the builder for plugin %s-%d: %s.",
xfce_panel_plugin_get_name (panel_plugin),
xfce_panel_plugin_get_unique_id (panel_plugin),
g_error_free (error);
g_object_unref (G_OBJECT (builder));
return NULL;
panel_utils_show_help (GtkWindow *parent,
const gchar *page,
const gchar *offset)
GdkScreen *screen;
gchar *filename;
gchar *uri = NULL;
GError *error = NULL;
gchar *locale;
gboolean exists;
panel_return_if_fail (parent == NULL || GTK_IS_WINDOW (parent));
if (G_LIKELY (parent != NULL))
screen = gtk_window_get_screen (parent);
screen = gdk_screen_get_default ();
if (page == NULL)
page = "index";
/* get the locale of the user */
locale = g_strdup (setlocale (LC_MESSAGES, NULL));
if (G_LIKELY (locale != NULL))
locale = g_strdelimit (locale, "._", '\0');
locale = g_strdup ("C");
/* check if the help page exists on the system */
filename = g_strconcat (HELPDIR, G_DIR_SEPARATOR_S, locale,
G_DIR_SEPARATOR_S, page, ".html", NULL);
exists = g_file_test (filename, G_FILE_TEST_EXISTS);
if (!exists)
g_free (filename);
filename = g_strconcat (HELPDIR, G_DIR_SEPARATOR_S "C"
G_DIR_SEPARATOR_S, page, ".html", NULL);
exists = g_file_test (filename, G_FILE_TEST_EXISTS);
if (G_LIKELY (exists))
uri = g_strconcat ("file://", filename, offset != NULL ? "#" : NULL, offset, NULL);
else if (xfce_dialog_confirm (parent, "web-browser", _("_Read Online"),
_("You can read the user manual online. This manual may however "
"not exactly match your panel version."),
_("The user manual is not installed on your computer")))
uri = g_strconcat ("",
locale, "&page=", page, "&offset=", offset, NULL);
g_free (filename);
g_free (locale);
/* try to run the documentation browser */
if (uri != NULL
&& !exo_execute_preferred_application_on_screen ("WebBrowser", uri, NULL,
NULL, screen, &error))
/* display an error message to the user */
xfce_dialog_show_error (parent, error, _("Failed to open the documentation browser"));
g_error_free (error);
g_free (uri);
panel_utils_grab_available (void)
GdkScreen *screen;
GdkWindow *root;
GdkGrabStatus grab_pointer = GDK_GRAB_FROZEN;
GdkGrabStatus grab_keyboard = GDK_GRAB_FROZEN;
gboolean grab_succeed = FALSE;
guint i;
screen = xfce_gdk_screen_get_active (NULL);
root = gdk_screen_get_root_window (screen);
/* don't try to get the grab for longer then 1/4 second */
for (i = 0; i < (G_USEC_PER_SEC / 100 / 4); i++)
grab_keyboard = gdk_keyboard_grab (root, TRUE, GDK_CURRENT_TIME);
if (grab_keyboard == GDK_GRAB_SUCCESS)
grab_pointer = gdk_pointer_grab (root, TRUE, pointer_mask,
if (grab_pointer == GDK_GRAB_SUCCESS)
grab_succeed = TRUE;
g_usleep (100);
/* release the grab so the gtk_menu_popup() can take it */
if (grab_pointer == GDK_GRAB_SUCCESS)
gdk_pointer_ungrab (GDK_CURRENT_TIME);
if (grab_keyboard == GDK_GRAB_SUCCESS)
gdk_keyboard_ungrab (GDK_CURRENT_TIME);
if (!grab_succeed)
g_printerr (PACKAGE_NAME ": Unable to get keyboard and mouse "
"grab. Menu popup failed.\n");
return grab_succeed;