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* Improve the code layout, so it is consistent and easy to read. We should also
add more comments inside functions. (Nick & Jasper)
* Finish the orientation code. I have no idea what to do here, because we
have no solution for the customizable arrow direction yet. (Nick)
* We also need a good way to popup the launcher menu when we drag over the
button. (Nick)
* Re-evaluate interfaces. Make sure not too much implementation detail is
visible between separate parts of the panel.
* In xfce-panel-plugin-iface we use g_object_{get,set} all over the place,
this should be changed to reduce the number of relocations.
* Create some macros for common used code in plugins. This should make writing
consistent plugins easier.
* We're going to rewrite the tasklist, see bug #2680 for more information. (Nick)
--- End of sane plans ---
Blue Sky
* Transparency. The way cairo is integrated into gtk means we will need to
write our own widgets for panel plugins, because every widget with a window
needs to handle this separately :( See for a quick
It would be much nicer if transparency were a style property, configurable
by a gtkrc file, but I don't think that will happen any time soon...