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XLennart 1.1 - An XBill Modification


XLennart is very simple to compile, as all you need to do is:



sudo make install

libXpm is required when using Motif or Athena widgets.


Welcome to XLennart...

Ever get the feeling that nothing is going right? You’re a sysadmin, and someone’s trying to destroy your computers. The little people running around the screen are trying to infect your computers with SystenD [TM], a virus cleverly designed to resemble a popular init system. Your objective is to click the mouse on them, ending the potential threat. If one of the people reaches a computer, it will attempt to replace your operating system with the virus it carries. It will then attempt to run off the screen with your vital software. The game ends when only 1 (or 0) of your computers are being productive. Additionally, some computers are connected with network cables. When one computer on a network becomes infected, a spark will be sent down the cable, and will infect the computer on the other end when it reaches there.

Clicking the button on one of the little people will cause it to cry out in pain and melt (id software eat your heart out!), dropping the stolen os if it is carrying one. If a computer is running SystenD or is temporarily off, the os can be dragged back to the computer (or another computer compatible with that os). To extinguish a spark drag the bucket of water from the upper left corner onto it.

The status bar at the bottom tells the following:

Number of Lenns on/off the screen
Number of Computers running their init/off/SystenD

Known Issues

Though XLennart should work fine on most Linux and BSD distros, there are still some problems since xBill is so old.

If you encounter a problem with Motif, V.R. from did this to compile XLennart:

./configure --disable-motif

Then I edited the Makefile and added -lXpm to LDFLAGS.

Then I had to edit UI.c and remove the #ifdef USE_MOTIF from the guis[] array, 
otherwise I got a missing symbol error.


This might not be an issue anymore with the improvements done to 1.1


Source Code (1.1):

Source Code (1.0):

OpenBSD Modifications:

Can be found at

And in OpenBSD 5.7 (coming soon) you can install XLennart via

pkg_add xlennart


-l <n>	Start at level n.

--gui <gui>
    Use a specific front end.  The possible values are
    gtk, motif, and athena.  Note that some of these
    may not be compiled into the binary.

-size <size>
    Play on a field of size x size, instead of the normal
    400x400.  <size> must be larger than 400.

-v	Print version number and exit.

-h	Print help and exit.

When using the GTK gui, all standard GTK options are supported.
When using the Athena or Motif GUI, all standard X Intrinsics
options are supported.



alt tag

1.0 (Outdated):

alt tag alt tag


Main Programmer:

Brian Wellington <> for XBill 2.1

Gethyn ThomasQuail <> for XLennart

Programming & graphics:

Matias Duarte <> for XBill 2.0

Gethyn ThomasQuail <> for XLennart

See README.Credits for everyone involved.


XLennart is not a personal attack against anyone, it’s just a harmless parody/commentary on a situation in Linux and Unix history. I do not desire or condone the act of violence against any of the Red Hat developers. Remember folks, this is just a game!

Also note that this game is NOT affiliated with Bloodbath Softworks, any mentions of the copyright going to Bloodbath Softworks in the previous releases were simply a mistake. Only relation Bloodbath has to XLennart is the current hosting of the main page and files. This will be moved to another domain soon enough.