3190 Commits (b4a96bd0e9e79a7f89a4e8e796859d61458da434)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Dominik George b4a96bd0e9
Fix lintian warnings 7 months ago
  Dominik George 23042f2ee3
Add new files to d/copyright 7 months ago
  Dominik George 7b8074ef2a
Refresh patches 7 months ago
  Dominik George 5e98d0c344
Bump S-V 7 months ago
  Dominik George 4b161291dd
Update changelog 7 months ago
  Dominik George 3bc5e341c3 Update upstream source from tag 'upstream/0.9.15' 7 months ago
  Dominik George 497e2fdc5b New upstream version 0.9.15 7 months ago
  mirabilos c11a0a82a3
replace xrdp-pulseaudio-installer mentions by current info 1 year ago
  mirabilos 6901a93cd9
do not source /etc/profile twice in startwm.sh 1 year ago
  mirabilos 8ca19b8a7c
lintian might do wildcards now 1 year ago
  mirabilos 14b984b200
fix spurious logging to console issue: 1 year ago
  mirabilos ce63e77911
I think the new upstream version solves this request? 1 year ago
  mirabilos aa91ec8f76
document more explicitly that SSL certificate ownership is necessary 1 year ago
  mirabilos 8859e3d36f
update lintian overrides (drop no longer generated false positive) 1 year ago
  mirabilos c827543009
this is installed by dh_installchangelogs automatically 1 year ago
  mirabilos 876aa87a14
a round of lintian fixes 1 year ago
  mirabilos 94e71bf115
assume hard that /run → /var/run to please lintian 1 year ago
  mirabilos 690bbddf7f
lintian knows the correct filename 1 year ago
  mirabilos aa6252ffd4
keep jessie upgrade code as we’ll upload to stretch-backports-sloppy 1 year ago
  mirabilos 606bd42af7
debhelper 12 renamed an option (new name present in 10+) 1 year ago
  mirabilos 166afcce4e
Bump Policy, debhelper; modernise build system 1 year ago
  mirabilos 0db5e724df
update for the new upstream version 1 year ago
  mirabilos 3346fc9cfc xrdp_0.9.12.orig.tar.gz 1 year ago
  mirabilos 2539505076
xrdp_0.9.12.orig.tar.gz 1 year ago
  mirabilos 0aa1667141
follow redirect to new homepage 2 years ago
  Dominik George c30b58c286
Override another issue generated by debhelper itseld. 2 years ago
  Dominik George a605b5e05f
Override false positive in lintian. 2 years ago
  Dominik George 04843d241c
Release. 2 years ago
  Dominik George f21208d76b
Refresh patches. 2 years ago
  Dominik George a73f01a030
Close bug. 2 years ago
  Dominik George e779c4ba67
Update changelog. 2 years ago
  Dominik George 3fca8e3c46 Update upstream source from tag 'upstream/0.9.9' 2 years ago
  Dominik George 823b8df4b4 New upstream version 0.9.9 2 years ago
  mirabilos 7b72e0040e
Correct asymmetry in init script try-restart message verbosity. 2 years ago
  mirabilos a0bdb098c4
Fix errorlevel returned by init script in case of errors. 2 years ago
  Dominik George 40160f40bb
Update pulse path patch to also load from default location. 3 years ago
  Dominik George b6bc8cb134
Bring back pulse module path patch. 3 years ago
  Dominik George 26fe73b773
Release for sid. 3 years ago
  Dominik George fe1112a316
Update changelog. 3 years ago
  Dominik George ad524606a1
Update d/copyright. 3 years ago
  Dominik George c9b492e46c
Update changelog. 3 years ago
  Dominik George dec0f96126
Remove traces of x11rdp in d/copyright. 3 years ago
  Dominik George 299a17e2d4
Refresh patches. 3 years ago
  Dominik George 4c5c765164
Bump Standards-Version. 3 years ago
  Dominik George 4281beedca
Update changelog and remove traces of crdp-pulse-modules. 3 years ago
  Dominik George 9d79cb05bf Update upstream source from tag 'upstream/0.9.8' 3 years ago
  Dominik George c2041e4d11 New upstream version 0.9.8 3 years ago
  mirabilos 2751ad4d62 Merge branch 'master' of salsa.debian.org:debian-remote-team/xrdp 3 years ago
  mirabilos 8846256a59 spelling 3 years ago
  Dominik George 1c3cb4752d
Fix typo. 3 years ago