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  1. Installation directions for xrdp.
  2. Things you need to compile and install. Most systems don't
  3. have these installed by default.
  4. gcc and make
  5. Header files for pam
  6. Header files for openssl
  7. You can build sesman without pam, there is a Makefile parameter
  8. for that.
  9. I also have a replacement ssl_calls.c to avoid the openssl dependency
  10. email me(Jay) for it or see
  11. Due to the license, I can't include it in this project.
  13. unpack the tarball
  14. tar -zxvf xrdp-0.1.tar.gz
  15. this will create a folder xrdp
  16. switch to the xrdp folder(cd xrdp)
  17. run make
  18. as root, run make install
  19. This will install most of the files in /usr/local/xrdp.
  20. Some files install in /etc/xrdp. These are configuration
  21. files.
  22. files and location
  23. /usr/local/xrdp/ - script that starts the window manager
  24. You may need to edit this file to run your window manager.
  25. /etc/sesman.ini - sesman configuration file
  26. /etc/rsakeys.ini - rsa stuff
  27. /etc/xrdp.ini - xrdp configuration file
  28. /var/run/
  29. /var/rub/
  30. Sesman and xrdp both have to be running as root.
  31. You should set them to start when the system starts.
  32. You can use script to start them.
  33. To completely remove xrdp
  34. remove directory /usr/local/xrdp
  35. remove directory /etc/xrdp
  36. remove file /var/run/
  37. remove file /var/run/
  38. remove any startup links added to /etc/init.d or /etc/rcX.d