Updated 1 year ago

Helpful packages for the Devuan system

Updated 5 months ago

amprolla is an apt repository merger originally intended for use with the Devuan infrastructure. This version is the third iteration of the software.

Updated 2 days ago

A Lua script to check the health of Devuan Linux package mirrors. The master repo is at https://sledjhamr.org/cgit/apt-panopticon/ and the master issues tracker is at https://sledjhamr.org/mantisbt/project_page.php?project_id=13

Updated 5 months ago

Simple Distro Kit - LiveCD

Updated 5 months ago

Build environment for making Devuan installer ISOs for i386 and amd64.

Updated 1 month ago

Script to migrate a standard Debian install to Devuan.

Updated 3 weeks ago

Core library for building Devuan images

Updated 2 months ago

Simple Distro Kit - Arm

Updated 2 months ago

Project for generic devuan documentation (was devuan-doc)

Updated 1 week ago