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    The run-debootstrap option --exclude=pkg1,pkg2,pkg3 is put in · 3855f7eb
    Frits Daalmans authored
    environment variable DEBOOTSTRAP_EXCLUDE_FIELD, where it is picked up
    by the compiled C program pkgdetails (NOT any pkgdetails perl script,
    internal to debootstrap/functions or elsewhere).
    This version of pkgdetails picks up DEBOOTSTRAP_EXCLUDE_FIELD and uses it
    to de-select alternatives in a Depends: line, of the form
    Package: wibble
    Depends: foo, altpkgA | altpkgB | altpkgC, bar (<= 42)
    Normally, pkgdetails would make wibble depend on foo, altpkgA and bar
    but with DEBOOTSTRAP_EXCLUDE_FIELD=altpkgA,altpkgB ,
    we make wibble depend on foo, altpkgC and bar
    This program currently doesn't do a check on the version number constraint.
    Also, I left all the DBG comments in for now.
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