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      - Have debootstrap log to the d-i messages file. · 5d25603b
      Joey Hess authored
          - Change error templates to match.
          - Remove downmainpkgs stuff; only used for slink deboostrapping.
          - Switch over to a single, milti-stage progress bar for the entire
            debootstrap run.
          - Fixed typo that was preventing build with -Os.
          - Remove the basesuccess note.
          - Incorporated the apt setup and install steps into the same single
            progress bar.
          - Merged kernel-installer into base-installer so they can share a progress
          - Updated to debhelper v4.
          - Cleaned up the rules file.
          - Remove Standards-Version, it's a udeb.
          - Added some error templates left out due to the string freeze.
          - Stop the progress bar when exiting on debootstrap error.
          - busybox does provide uniq and sort -r now, so remove the dodgy calls to
            the ones in /target.
          - Move the apt-install queue flush to after kernel installation.
            This way, if apt-install is used to install the kernel image and pcmcia
            modules and they fail to install for some reason, and end up in the
            apt-install queue, this does not result in apt-install installing them
            when the kernel-image.conf is not properly set up.
          - Refactored most of the code in the postinst, breaking it up into
            subroutines for clarity.
          - Use only one exit point for errors, and always stop the progress bar.
          - apt-update is only used by this package, so inline it.
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