Commit 5d392a13 authored by Jaromil's avatar Jaromil

TODO notes

parent ef301b42
# TODO / wishlist
## Improve runtime documentation and manpage
Print out more information on -help and complete manpage with all
possible options and flags compiled at runtime.
## Eliminate all dynamic memory allocation
When parsing binaries for checksum do not allocate their size
dynamically in memory, but load fixed size chunks and use
sha256_update on each one.
## Send signals to process names (kill etc.)
Allow to send signals (default SIGTERM for kill) to PIDs of
processes whose name matches the authorized list.
This should be a compile-time flag.
## Daemon mode flag
Isolate daemon forking code into #ifdefs to make it optional at
compile time.
## Setuidgid flag
Isolate target_uid/gid options into #ifdefs to make then optional
at compile time.
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