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......@@ -75,6 +75,32 @@ sup is written in ANSI C with POSIX1.b compliancy for GNU/Linux and
BSD systems. it uses `setuid/gid` for privilege escalation and
`execv()` to launch processes as superuser.
## frequently asked questions
### is there a package for sup?
it does not make sense to have a sup package. sup is configured at
build-time and its built binaries are specific to the task they have
been built and placed as suid for. sup is a tool for people
distributing containers, online services, embedded devices and such.
### why not use doas (openbsd)?
sup is different from doas, because doas is
at runtime).
### why not use sudo?
same reason as above, sudo is configured at runtime.
### why not use su?
sup is made so that people (or scripts) don't have to type passwords
every time they need to execute something they are entitled to execute
as superusers. with su one has to type the root password every time.
also scripts won't work without interaction.
## licensing
sup is copyleft software licensed as GNU Lesser Public License
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