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.TH SUP 1 sup\-1.0
.TH SUP 1 sup\-1.2
sup - a "small is beautiful" tool for UNIX privilege escalation
.B sup
.RB [ \-hlv ]
[ \fB-h -v\fR ]
[ \fB-l\fR ]
[ \fB-u \fIuser\fR \fB-g \fIgroup\fR ]
[ \fB-b \fB-p \fIpidfile\fR ]
\fBcommand\fR [ \fBargs...\fR ]
sup is a very small and secure C application. it is designed to run as root (with suid bit on) to facilitate the privilege escalation of users to execute certain programs as superuser.
......@@ -14,10 +18,24 @@ all settings in sup are hard-coded at compile time. sup is very portable and sel
print help message
.B \-l
list configuration
list hardcoded configuration
.B \-v
print version information
.B \-b
run in daemon mode: fork process to background
.B \-p pidfile
when in daemon mode, save first pid to file. beware this may not be the exact final pid of the forked process: some programs are more complex and go further forking new pids.
.B \-u username
username for the target uid in setuid, in case not root. looked up by getpwnam(3) in /etc/passwd.
.B \-g groupname
groupname for the target gid in setuid, in case not root. looked up by getpwnam(3) in /etc/passwd.
sup is copyleft software licensed as GNU Lesser Public License
(LGPLv3). when compiled with the HASH flag on its license turns
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