Wireless daemon for Linux
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Station Diagnostic hierarchy [experimental]
Service net.connman.iwd
Interface net.connman.iwd.StationDiagnostic
Object path /net/connman/iwd/{phy0,phy1,...}/{1,2,...}
Methods dict GetDiagnostics()
Get all diagnostic information for this interface. The
diagnostics are contained in a single dictionary. Values
here are generally low level and not meant for general
purpose applications which could get by with the
existing Station interface or values which are volatile
and change too frequently to be represented as
properties. The values in the dictionary may come and
go depending on the state of IWD.
Below is a list of possible diagnostic dictionary
ConnectedBss - MAC address of currently connected BSS.
Frequency - Frequency of currently connected BSS.
RSSI [optional] - The RSSI of the currently connected BSS.
AverageRSSI [optional] - Average RSSI of currently connected BSS.
RxMode [optional] - The phy technology being used
(802.11n, 802.11ac or 802.11ax).
RxRate [optional] - Receive rate in 100kbit/s
RxMCS [optional] - Receiving MCS index
TxMode [optional] - Same meaning as RxMode, just for
TxRate [optional] - Transmission rate in 100kbit/s
TxMCS [optional] - Transmitting MCS index
Possible errors: net.connman.iwd.Busy