Attempt to build TENEX
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An attempt to build TENEX.

Status as of 2022-04-22.

  • A TENEX toolchain was bootstrapped on TOPS-20 V3.
  • The SUMEX-AIM monitor was assembled and linked successfully.
  • Various updates were made to Cornwell's PDP-10 emulator.
  • The resident part can be run on the PDP-10 emulator, either loaded directly or through TENDMP on DECtape.
  • The swappable monitor will load and run from DECtape.
  • Mini-exec works.
  • EXEC.SAV can be loaded and run from DECtape.

This does not yet work:

  • DLUSER emits error messages when it creates directories.
  • MINI-DUMPER can't read or write tapes properly.
  • Rebooting with SYSGO$G or SYSGO1$G doesn't work.