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Correct developer information in README

hellekin 8 years ago
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@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ To deploy the site locally:
### 0. Pre-requisites
You need Ruby and a couple of ruby packages (`gems`):
You need Ruby (and `ruby-dev`) and a couple of ruby packages (`gems`):
~$ sudo gem install middleman bundler
@ -87,6 +87,13 @@ This generates the static files in `$DIR/webroot`.
### 4. Browse it
You can fallback to the backend for non-built files if you run the local
middleman server:
```$ bundle exec middleman server -p 4569
Open your browser to `` (or `beta.devuan`, YMMV)
## Production Deployment
@ -100,8 +107,6 @@ Do commit the change, so that it will be kept during updates, but DO NOT PUSH
it! If you need to push, you should use another working directory than the
deployed one.
Setup automated updates from the repository, e.g., using `etc/crontab`.
Once your mirror is deployed, please send its URL, language, location, and
person responsible to [the relevant topic on Devuan Discourse][mirror], so it
can be added to the list. E.g., a mirror in France can be accessed via