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Note about the server that's running the tests being extra speedy.

onefang 3 years ago
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@ -485,6 +485,7 @@ if nil == web then C("opening mirrors file - " .. e) else
"<p><font color='blue'><b>TIMEOUT</b></font> or <font color='darkblue'><b>TIMEOUT</b></font>" ..
" means the mirror had too many timeouts, and tests where aborted, so there is no result for this test.</p>" ..
"<p>NOTE: timeouts may be due to a problem on the testing computer, it might be busy with other things, or be having it's own network problems..</p>" ..
"<p>NOTE: the speed of the server this checking script is running on might be wildly exaggerated, it doesn't have to go through the Internet to download from itself.</p>"
"<p>The DNS round robin (DNS-RR) column shows the IPs for that mirror, or <font color='grey'><b>no</b></font> if it isn't part of the DNS-RR. &nbsp; " ..
"The IPs link to the testing log for that IP accessed via the DNS-RR. &nbsp; " ..
APT.options.roundRobin.value .. " is the DNS-RR itself, so it doesn't get tested directly.</p>\n" ..


@ -79,6 +79,8 @@ For actual packages, pick the smallest one that has been recently updated.
It does this by measuring the reported speeds from the curl commands that actually download files. &nbsp;
Since apt-panopticon is trying hard to download everything from all mirrors all at the same time, this guess will be low. &nbsp;
Also, the computer running the apt-panopticon might have a network connection that is busy with other things. &nbsp;
Not to mention that obviously if the computer this is running on is one of the mirrors, it might get a wildly exaggerated speed,
not haaving to go through the rest of the Internet tends to help. &nbsp;
Finally, the tested mirror may have a bigger network connection than the computer running the test, so wont show it's true maximum. &nbsp;
So take this speed measurement with a grain of salt, it's more of an indication, the <a href="../apt-panopticon_cgp/index.php">full graphs</a> might be useful.