A Lua script to check the health of Devuan Linux package mirrors. The master repo is at https://sledjhamr.org/cgit/apt-panopticon/ and the master issues tracker is at https://sledjhamr.org/mantisbt/project_page.php?project_id=13 https://sledjhamr.org/cgit/apt-panopticon/
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<p><b class="TTitem" title="This is a tooltip with an explanation in it.">Tooltips</b> are things that have an explanation tooltip, hover over them.</p>
<p><font color='red'><b>FAILED</b></font> or <font color='lime'><b>OK</b></font> means the tested thing is supported for that mirror.</p>
<p><font color='darkred'><b>FAILED*</b></font> or <font color='darkgreen'><b>OK*</b></font> means the tested thing is unsupported for that mirror, but might have been tested anyway.</p>
<p><font color='grey'><b>untested</b></font> or <font color='dimgrey'><b>untested*</b></font> means that the tested thing wasn't tested. &nbsp; It might not be relevant, or might have depended on other tests passing.</p>
<p>NOTE: Any mirror that doesn't redirect to a Debian mirror coz it is a Debian mirror itself, doesn't have the Protocol and Redirect tests run.</p>
<p><font color='aqua'><b>timeout</b></font> or <font color='blue'><b>timeout</b></font> means the mirror had some timeouts, and tests where not yet aborted. The darker colour means unsupported by the mirror, but tested anyway.</p>
<p><font color='aqua'><b>TIMEOUT</b></font> or <font color='blue'><b>TIMEOUT</b></font> means the mirror had too many timeouts, and tests where aborted, so there is no result for this test.</p>
<p>NOTE: timeouts may be due to a problem on the testing computer, it might be busy with other things, or be having it's own network problems.</p>
<p>NOTE: the speed of the server this checking script is running on might be wildly exaggerated, it doesn't have to go through the Internet to download from itself.</p>
<p>The DNS round robin (DNS-RR) column shows the IPs for that mirror, or <font color='grey'><b>no</b></font> if it isn't part of the DNS-RR. &nbsp; The IPs link to the testing log for that IP accessed via the DNS-RR. &nbsp; deb.devuan.org is the DNS-RR itself, so it doesn't get tested directly.</p>
<p>The time in the Updated column is how often the mirror updates itself.</p>
<p>Mirrors with a <font style='background-color:dimgrey'>grey background</font> are not active (though may be usable as part of the DNS-RR).</p>
<p><font color='grey'><b>skip</b></font> means that the test hasn't been written yet.</p>