A Lua script to check the health of Devuan Linux package mirrors. The master repo is at https://sledjhamr.org/cgit/apt-panopticon/ and the master issues tracker is at https://sledjhamr.org/mantisbt/project_page.php?project_id=13 https://sledjhamr.org/cgit/apt-panopticon/
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cd /var/www/html/apt-panopticon/apt-panopticon_cgp
#git pull > /dev/null
#chown -R mirrors:www-data *
cd /var/www/html/apt-panopticon/apt-panopticon
#git pull > /dev/null
#chown -R mirrors:www-data *
if [ ! -f apt-panopticon.lock ] ; then
rm ../results; ln -s apt-panopticon/results_old ../results
flock -n apt-panopticon.lock ./apt-panopticon.lua && rm apt-panopticon.lock
rm ../results; ln -s apt-panopticon/results ../results
#chown -R mirrors:www-data /var/www/html/SledjHamr/apt-panopticon/results