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Xresources, fbcolors,console-colors and related scripts

This is a collection of terminal colorizing themes and scripts. It includes original works, collections, and ports from the linuxbbq. They are designed to be implemented across anything from xterm, aterm, urxvt, stterm, fb-term, or the simple linux console.

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= Scripts

A few of the scripts that we use will be included here for the use of making coversions from one term to another.

Note: on aterm and urxvt
Many people like to use the "aterm*setting" or "URxvt*setting" syntax to separate xrdb themeing for different terminals. While the format presented in the xcolor_code directory will often work without tweaking, should you wish to split it out in Xresources, you can generate a quick .bak file and then make changes fitting your needs with:

$ sed -i.bak 's/^\*/URxvt./' ~/foo_directory/foo_file

Which will put the file into a "URxvt.colorX: " format. Assuming you wish to use aterm's customized format, you could use something along the lines of:

$ sed -i.bak 's/^\*/Aterm\*/' ~/foo_directory/foo_file

For similar results

Specific Scripts and Usage