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  dkeg 62c2c6bd81 urban visual 5 years ago
  dkeg 259127faa0 fix urban 5 years ago
  Alexander Adhyatma bd3e9fdd99 add dkeg's urban2 5 years ago
  Alex Frank Adhyatma 64a0419263 add omtose_phellack and awatara_chhaya 5 years ago
  jonesbones bbe7d5349a Create elkmountain 5 years ago
  Manuel Uberti 6eeec8fb23 Merge pull request #1 from franksn/master 6 years ago
  Alex Frank Adhyatma f2f075e4fd add mjpl and mjpd 6 years ago
  Julius Hader 5b7e4d72ec Create username2xres 6 years ago
  Julius Hader d44965afe2 Create dkeger 6 years ago
  Julius Hader 923fe7a398 Delete dkeger 6 years ago
  dkeg 8d90098793 add iron 7 years ago
  DebianJoe 14447e5a6e fbterm for blend 7 years ago
  dkeg f102e611bf blend color8 mod 7 years ago
  dkeg 4ea04696b2 add blend 7 years ago
  DebianJoe 4a8bec646d removed a backup file 7 years ago
  DebianJoe b16311bb55 made coco exec 7 years ago
  DebianJoe 17cbe881f7 added coco and barn fbcolors 7 years ago
  dkeg 33dc2a3e4e Merge branch 'master' of github.com:linuxbbq/xcolors 7 years ago
  dkeg b61adc8f8a barn, coco 7 years ago
  DebianJoe 8f6f7475ca cleaned some scripts 7 years ago
  DebianJoe e59a200010 started cleaning blanks 7 years ago
  DebianJoe 959162f917 created fbs for greens fishy muzieca peaple 7 years ago
  DebianJoe 71f4127056 corrected permissions 7 years ago
  Julius Hader 4840f403a4 Create monval 7 years ago
  Julius Hader dd1b5b6f3a Create monval 7 years ago
  pidsley e30b8670a3 added fishy and muzieca 7 years ago
  Julius Hader 6ea41a3c12 higher contrast green phosphor 7 years ago
  Julius Hader 5391bbbb25 Create cpc 7 years ago
  pidsley c0cbee13dc added greens 7 years ago
  pidsley 72af0b32a6 added greens 7 years ago
  pidsley abbe1120d4 added greens 7 years ago
  pidsley 430924992f Merge branch 'master' of https://github.com/linuxbbq/xcolors 7 years ago
  pidsley 6bfefd0847 added greens 7 years ago
  dkeg 847c76bba1 typo in betterbright 7 years ago
  dkeg 379d6f495b add lightbright and betterbright 7 years ago
  dkeg 12b0856087 quick typo fix for barn, fb and X 7 years ago
  dkeg f9f14b719f barn: fb,X,scrot 7 years ago
  dkeg 86d238183d Add fg/bg to platine,warm,sky,calligraphy 7 years ago
  dkeg 9ad1ddf65b add new X and FB colors with scrots. sky,warm,peaple,platine,calligraphy,bernstein 7 years ago
  dkeg 44fdcf951a fix busstop format 7 years ago
  dkeg 0fdf5e0f5d fix format busstop 7 years ago
  dkeg eec09d9549 Merge branch 'master' of github.com:linuxbbq/xcolors 7 years ago
  dkeg 963a180b13 add busstop 7 years ago
  DebianJoe 02a1272cd0 blackbog cleaned 7 years ago
  DebianJoe 141ec6fba8 volcanic added 7 years ago
  DebianJoe 00c064024b longest filename ever added 7 years ago
  DebianJoe caa4a11fad sandstorm added 7 years ago
  DebianJoe 19cd74c292 nightscape added 7 years ago
  DebianJoe cca745f57e espresso added 7 years ago
  DebianJoe de10f744f4 erosion added 7 years ago