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# Devuan Web Source
2 years ago
This is the source for Devuan's web site ``, and its
fore-runner ``.
2 years ago
Development occurs on the `new-beta` branch, where only the `source/`
directory is used and automatically published verbatim to
``. The main site `` is published by
manual copy of `` on the server, except for
`sitemap.xml` which is generated with respect to
The file `.PUBLISH` is a control file for publishing the current
`` onto ``. By touching that file, for
example adding a who+when+why note to it, and pushing that, the
automatic publishing process will also publish ``
verbatim from ``, except for `sitemap.xml` which is
generated with respect to ``.
All else in this project is old stuff.
## License
The source code is free software distributed under the GNU Affero General
Public License, version 3, or, at your option, any later version. (See
The website contents are creative commons released under
## Editing Pages
Thank you for contributing!