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David (Plasma) Paul 4e00e31351 Add Network Configuration link to install page 1 year ago
David (Plasma) Paul b5e8994e44 Update Get Devuan section of explore for Chimaera 1 year ago
David (Plasma) Paul 22ce7e58f1 Add chimaera links in explore.html 1 year ago
David (Plasma) Paul 46cf42d1e5 Add Chimaera install guides 1 year ago
David (Plasma) Paul 3ed8087436 Modify ids in source/os/install.html to match links in source/os/explore.html 1 year ago
David (Plasma) Paul 9fa2ca5a8a Remove misplaced anchors in install.html 1 year ago
David (Plasma) Paul 8e072531c9 Remove commented-out {jessie,stretch}-to-chimaera entries 1 year ago
David (Plasma) Paul b94d40705c Delete vestigial css cruft 1 year ago
Beer af4dab277e
Remove: Offending files mirror from list 1 year ago
Beer 48e5f6c30d
Fix: Be coherent amongst links scope 1 year ago
Xenguy 73a66e4811 Correct spelling error (thanks Plasma41) 1 year ago
Ralph Rönnquist 7a3197d0e1 added missing brace 1 year ago
golinux d542e77289 Tweaked background and link colors 1 year ago
Xenguy 4f45d67777 Remove incorrect login information 1 year ago
Xenguy 50a7881ae5 Merge branch 'release-beowulf2chimaera' into new-beta 1 year ago
Xenguy 49e577b448 New version of rounded-square.png; suggestions from plasma41 (thanks!) 1 year ago
Xenguy f4ede64e16 For first review: HTML, CSS, and PNG changed files, for Chimaera release 1 year ago
Xenguy bb4eb348ab Publish to Live (s/Freenode/Libera.chat/) 1 year ago
Xenguy 11474f8701 Update 'Freenode' to 'Libera.chat' 1 year ago
Xenguy b3c3286abe Publish to Live (add new mirror) 1 year ago
Xenguy 85f5e46a84 Add new mirror (HTTPS + HTTP) 1 year ago
Xenguy 6013412496 Publish to Live (s/freenode/libera.chat/ in a missed file) 1 year ago
Xenguy 5fc008420b Fixed 1 straggler file that still referenced 'freenode' IRC. 1 year ago
Xenguy 5a652cf7e2 Publish to Live (Renamed 2 files + search/replace code references to them). 1 year ago
Xenguy 72ac70174d Renamed 2 files to more generic filenames; search/replace code to match. 1 year ago
Ralph Rönnquist bac8a97cdb added missing png 1 year ago
Xenguy abd735cd4a Publish to Live (updated .onion URLs from v2 to v3) 1 year ago
Xenguy a82f1ec948 Update .onion URLs from v2 to v3; comment main page mention until v3 appears. 1 year ago
Xenguy 5d9613db47 Publish to Live (corrected 'ircs://' URLs syntax) 2 years ago
Xenguy 510da70da9 Corrected 'ircs://' URLs syntax. 2 years ago
Xenguy b08d2fc800 Publish to Live (mostly latest IRC tweaks). 2 years ago
Xenguy f41e512020 Added port 6697 to ircs:// entries (thanks joerg) 2 years ago
Xenguy 58010328f3 s/maemo.cloud-7.de/reisenweber.net/ (requested by Joerg) 2 years ago
Xenguy 636d3c92c7 Removed 1 IRC channel (thanks gast0n), and tightened up IRC language on 3 pages. 2 years ago
Xenguy 0d34ab17e6 Removed mention of IRC channel #devuan-mx (thanks gast0n) 2 years ago
Xenguy e66ae8b86c Publish to Live (mostly the IRC migration) 2 years ago
Xenguy 2f193fe3ae Changing from old to new IRC network (think FN->Libera) 2 years ago
Xenguy 88592bf660 Added 'Devuan Chimaera (testing)' to sources.list coordinates. 2 years ago
Xenguy 02b8b34758 Removed bold/italics from 'unstable'. 2 years ago
Xenguy 784f1788bd Added 'Devuan Ceres (unstable)' to sources.list coordinates. 2 years ago
Xenguy 16041950c1 Removed 2 lines from Jessie (recommended by fsr). 2 years ago
Xenguy 418730eb5a Publish to Live 2 years ago
Xenguy ac2c9ac2ee Correcting again. 2 years ago
Xenguy d1deab48ec Publish to Live: code correction. 2 years ago
Xenguy b2533cb0fd Code correction. 2 years ago
Xenguy 5a36f5834d Publish to Live: commented out magnet URL temporarily, until fixed. 2 years ago
Xenguy 2ea6ee7298 Commenting out magnet URL until a working magnet is generated. 2 years ago
Xenguy 18f6f22a3c Testing a new magnet URL for torrent ISO downloads. 2 years ago
Xenguy f796b1e8e5 Publish to Live. 2 years ago
Xenguy c656c2c82b On 5 of 7 files, change Beowulf version from 3.1.0 to 3.1 2 years ago