Portable virtual device manager and filesystem

Forked from devuan-packages

Devuan packaging of vdev - a device-file manager and filesystem

NOTE: this project is a fork of Jude Nelson's vdev project, which at this point is an orphaned project. This project is aimed at the preparation of Devuan packaging.

The components are:

libudev1-compat, which is the library ABI-compatible with libudev 219.

vdevd, which is the hotplug daemon, including helpers, actions and configuration;

vdev-initramfs, which provides an initramfs-tools intergration. This package includes a script (/usr/share/vdev/vdev-install.sh) for making a manual choice between using vdev or udev as /dev manager.

Installing vdev will disable any prior udev, without unsinstalling it. However, vdev competes with udev on three fronts:

  • the library link libudev-so.1
  • the scripts for the initrd, and
  • the sysvinit /etc/rcS.d scripts.

The current solution deals with these aspects underneath and invisibly for the Devuan (Debian) package management, rather than straight out replacing udev and libudev1. You can, whenever, alternate between udev and vdev via (in a terminal):

# /usr/share/vdev/vdev-install.sh udev


# /usr/share/vdev/vdev-install.sh vdev

It's probably safest to always shift to udev before installing other things. I don't think it's vital, but there are many possible failure cases.

Other Notes

Please refer to Jude Nelson's vdev project for an extensive description of the software.